Why are Web Designers required for the Digital Signage Industry?

Why are Web Designers required for the Digital Signage Industry?

Web Designers Required for the Digital Signage Industry

Digital signage is the display you see in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banks and more.

It provides the viewers with information and helps in generating sales. It has been around for over 2 decades now, and has undergone a lot many changes over time.

Earlier, the use of digital signage was limited to only large businesses who could afford its high installation costs and could manage to create content for it and update it regularly.

The software platforms required were proprietary, which required large amounts of time and resources to be set up, which smaller companies could not afford. But, since the past few years, there are many medium sized and even small businesses making use of digital signage because the costs are low and it has become easy to use and access.

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There are over 500 companies today with platforms to create, manage and publish content. But, there is a lot to work upon the content involved. Also, incredibly cluttered designs and lots of text and information crammed onto a single screen is impossible to digest.

All these problems and more need to be worked upon in order to bring a better experience.

Digital signage content is dynamic and needs to be changed based on location, time, season, etc. For this, you can build separate HTML pages, which you can schedule depending on these variables.

The software that send HTML content to display screens include various platforms like open source, paid, free and proprietary. With the number of changes happening in the industry, you need to make sure that you know what is happening and change your offerings accordingly in order to stay relevant.

If you do not change and stay caught up in the old ways of thinking, you will be left far behind. Many banks, restaurants and retailers have upgraded their designs and learnt how to design clear and effective content.

But, there are still many small businesses and organizations who are still clinging to the over-designed content from early 2000s.

With HTML5, there are numerous possibilities to create beautiful signage content. But, not many people are taking advantage of it. This is why a dire need for web designers has arisen in this industry. The digital signage industry is expected to grow to be a 20 billion dollar one by the year 2020.

More than 22 million active screens are expected to come up across the globe. All these screens will need great content.

We all know that with the expansive use of mobiles today, almost all websites have gone responsive. Designers are designing everything that fits well on small phone screens to large desktop screens. With digital signage gaining popularity, now designers will have to expand to large format displays too.

One great advantage that web designers can have in this industry is its need to be updated regularly, which will help designers in generating recurring revenue. So, this is a great opportunity for you. Wake up designers!